Online and telephone therapy sessions

Individuals:  an initial 30-minute assessment is FREE of charge as this gives us both the opportunity to decide if we want to work together, and a chance for me to have a brief summary of the issue you wish to resolve. It may be that you are unsure what the problem is but just know you are unhappy and if this is the case, then we can agree to work together to uncover what it is that underlies this feeling for you.  Sessions are for an hour and are £45, I do offer a few low cost places too.

I usually keep an hour available straight after the initial assessment, so we can continue if we agree to work together. However, it may be that you prefer to take some time to think about it and also explore other therapists or may be that you wish to book a further session at a later date.

Couples: this involves an assessment which will take an hour and then subsequent sessions  last an hour and a half. The 60 minute assessment is £45. Subsequent sessions are £70.

If you would like to talk to me about a problem you are experiencing then please make contact with me by phone, text or email.